Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What a difference a bulb makes

Just made a fun and simple change to a vintage chandelier in my house.  Said chandelier was in my dining room when I moved in.  I initially wasn't a big fan, thought a more modern drum shade fixture was more my speed.  You do have to be careful when using a vintage style to ensure your house doesn't look like Grandma just moved out.

Here she is (the chandelier, not my grandma):

Sorry, taking pictures of lights is tough!  Anyway, she grew on me after a while and I decided to keep her.  Then one day I saw a vintage fixture with round bulbs instead of typical chandelier shapes.  So, I swapped those suckers out and here's what I have now:

I really like the result, such an EASY and really free change because I would have changed out those bulbs eventually anyway.  It gives a much more modern and fun look.  

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