Thursday, September 27, 2012

Level Headed

Just spent my lunch hour using a level, tape measure and Frog Tape keeping a new projects going.  At work now on my most recent BIG project, an overhaul of my daughter's room.  This is the goal (yes, OOOOOOOOOOOOH  AHHHHHHHHHHHH) is completely in order:

Sorry, this is the best picture I can get.  I saw this in House and Home Magazine in the June issue and couldn't get it out of my head.  I thought my 10 year old would poo all over this, but she LOVED it - she's turned into a true vintage modern junkie like her mother (PRIDE!).  How cute is this room?  I just love the mix of modern horizontal stripes with vintage pieces.  By the way, H&H is my FAVORITE design magazine hands down.  I can usually find it at bookstores or even Walgreens.

I'm about half finished, here are some before pix (note the furniture was already removed!).

Right now the house is chaos as I have all of her furniture and STUFF (so much stuff) out in the hall and living room.  I need to wrap it up soon so we can get our house back.   I recently finished painting the entire room white, which took MANY Coats over this dark turquoise color.  So, I have a big white box!

Since I work full time, and the kids seem to have full time sports schedules, I grab time for projects whenever I can.  I went home at lunch today and started measuring and taping the lines.  Here is my progress:

This is actually very easy, and I showed you my handiwork from my boys' room overhaul in THIS POST.  To accomplish great stripes, just measure out your stripes (one tick mark for each measurement in the middle of the wall) and then use a long level across the wall to continue the line.  It can be a bit daunting if you're over-critical, but once the paint is on the wall, you won't notice small imperfections, promise!

More to come!

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