Friday, March 2, 2012

Dying for Diagonal

Stripes.  I love them.  They add visiual punch to just about anything.  Usually it's super cheap to add them to a piece of furniture, accent wall, whatever.  But, did you know the type of stripe you pick says something about you?  More on that later.  Here are some pix of a dresser I redid in DIAGONAL stripes.

I love how the uber-traditional lines and detail on this cabinet compliment the graphic and modern stripes.  Here was the chest before:

It was "cute" but certainly not a WOW of a piece.  LOVE THIS ONE!  Super easy - just taped off the stripes, painted and voila.  And my project was featured HERE a while back on one of my very favorite "Before & After" design blogs, Better After.  This is my MUST CHECK blog each day!

Now, back to my stripe personality test:

* Vertical Stripes (that's up and down to you and me) - traditional, orderly, neat.

Lagoon Residence traditional hall

* Horizontal Stripe (across) - modern, punchy, unexpected.  Horizontal striping, especially in paint teqniques have become super chic these days.

JSID contemporary bedroom
contemporary bedroom design by hawaii interior designer Julie Sumile Interior Design

And finally, the super cool and unexpected cousin of the horizontal and vertial stripes, the DIAGONAL stripe.

So, I decided to go a bit unexpected with the stripes on this dresser, and I LOVE IT.  You can see this dresser from my front window - it's a bit cooky but a bit of an art piece all it's own.


  1. Love it. Was it a lot of work to get the stripes evenly spaced this way? Would love to know more.

    1. Hi! It was actually very easy to do the diagonal stripes. I started with finding the line that ran between the top right corner and bottom left corner, then just measured from there with a yard stick, every 2 inches. SUPER EASY! I always screw up measuring these types of projects, so I’m sure I redid a thing or two. But I was so happy with the result.

  2. Looks lovely! Really like that you kept the top natural as well :) x