Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So what do you do on your lunch hour?

Most people, oh, I don't know, eat lunch or maybe run errands, some exercise.  Well not me, because I'm either kind of crazy or super diligent.  Yeah, we'll go with diligent.  So here are some pictures of what I did at lunch yesterday:
First I spray painted some letters that will go above the boys' beds.  I had
already applied 2 coats the night before, but wanted to get another coat.
But, I'm concerned the color is a smidge too orange-ey red, not apple red.

The shelves going on the opposite wall are to the right of this letter.
They look pretty close in color here, but in person they contrast a bit.
May be off to Hobby Lobby to buy a more apple red can of spray paint.
They have more selection than Home Depot or Lowes on color.

While my spray paint was drying, I decided to lay out the
cube shelves that will be going on one of the striped walls.
I did this in the store before buying, but now can't seem
to get the right arrangement.  The blue tape is to mark my
hanging area - it's the same size as the hanging space on
the wall.  

Here's another way I may arrange them.

I couldn't wait any longer and finally hung one
of the shelves on the wall.  I'm not sold on my
arrangement, but I may buy one more shelf to
pull it together. 

So there you go, some progress on the boys' room that I'm feeling like will never be complete.  I'm also struggling on the blinds for the room - one of the windows is 76" long which is longer than the big box home stores carry.  So, I'm having to order something custom which makes me ill - remember, I'm cheap as hell.  Another primary reason for wanting to get things complete is that this is what my living room and dining room currently looks like:

Now if any of you who know me are saying to yourself, "how does this look different than normal", we're not friends anymore.

And finally, I think I'm obsessed with these cube shelves.  They add color, storage and are like art - I found these at Hobby Lobby this week.  Thinking we'll work them into my daughter's room when we overhaul it soon - and since her brothers are getting a new room, all of a sudden she hates hers.   Typical.  But, these shelves make me want to jump in - super cute, no?


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