Friday, July 27, 2012

Celebrate Good Times!

Earlier this month my brother married the most wonderful man - yep, I said it, man.  I'm super lucky that my brother (who is BEYOND smart, creative, hard-working and wonderful) married someone equally so.  I feel so blessed he has a partner with whom to travel life.  PS - these two are the GREATEST uncles of all time.

Here's a pic of the happy couple: 
My bro on the left, wonderful new hubby on the right

Anywho, my mom and I threw a rehearsal dinner get together for them. The wedding was held in Chicago where he lives.  We rented a large 6 bedroom house/mansion (to-may-toe/to-mah-toe).  It was a great place to stay and a wonderful venue for the get together.  In our family, we very rarely have things catered or hold parties at hotels or restaurants.  I think the very best way to show someone you want them to be your guest is to invite them to your home and serve them food and drinks you've made yourself.  Just me . . . . so when we figured out we wanted to throw this party, finding a house/venue all in one was AWESOME.

I went with a black and white and yellow theme.  First of all, black and white always make a statement, and I already had some pops of yellow to bring along.  Here are a few pix!

Sorry this pic is crappy, but it's the only one of the bar.

Fru-fru tooth picks from Hobby Lobby

These food signs were super easy add a custom touch

This is a Tipsy Arnold Palmer
(Tea, Lemonade, Vodka, Mint)
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  1. Great party!!! congrats to the newlyweds!


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