Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gold is the new black

Hi I'm Tricia at Mash-Up chic, and I'm a gold-spray-paint-a-holic.  I'm finding my new go-to "fix" these days to be gold spray paint.  It gives just about anything that pop of sparkle and finishing touch.  My 3 year old looks like of odd spray painted, but it will wash off eventually.  Also, just like every room needs just a touch of black, layering gold with silver has become a very popular new color combination.  Having both colors together adds depth and dimension.

The latest project is one of my Craigslist school stacking chairs that I previously referenced in THIS POST.  This time I decided to make something a bit more glam.  I think it would make a great desk chair, foyer chair, use as a bedside table or any place that a splash of pizzazz is needed.

As a reminder, BEFORE the chair looked like this:

After some glam-in-a-can:

So, what do you think?  Not sure the pictures do it justice, but it's really a fun chair!  It will be for sale at the Flea Off Market in September.

TAGS: vintage school chair, spray paint, gold paint, repurpose

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