Monday, February 20, 2012


Well I'd like to have a fat ole do-over for this weekend . My plans to get the boys room totally finished this weekend was a bit unlikely I see now, and I way underperformed.  If you'll remember, here is the design board for my boys who are 8 and 3.  Need to free up some floor space plus baby boy needs a big boy bed (wiping . . .tears . . .). 

As you can see we're featuring their University of Louisville bedding that we already have and trying to MOD it up a bit.  I want something cool, modern, hip, but also feature our fave team.  My plan this weekend was to paint all walls white and get the black/white stripes done. 
1. Well, so far only two walls are completely painted white.  It took 3 coats of primer/paint in one (yeah right) and still needs a smidge of touch-up in the trim areas.  I bought some Kilz for the other walls to hopefully use less paint.  Kilz primer is about $21 per gallon, vs. $35 or so for the paint/primer.  So, 2 walls complete, 2 need another one or two coats.
2. Bright idea dawned on me at Home Depot to add magnetic paint to one wall where the boys will have a desk area.   If you haven't heard of this, it's a very cool paint with magnetic bits in it that you paint on the wall then paint a top coat over.  Now, I screwed up and put my first can over an area about 30 sq. ft.  Evidently it's only supposed to cover 16 sq. ft. so the it wasn't as magnetic as it needed to be.  So, off to Home Depot for more.  This stuff is about $20 per can.  Also, it's BLACK and the directions state more than 1 or 2 coats of top color could reduce how well the magnetic quality of the paint works.  So, thinking this wall may be BLACK to stay, which is great as it goes with the rest of the room.

3. Friday night stop at Home Depot (alone, in no hurry = heaven) yielded a GREAT find, these cube shelves.  I paid $45 for all 4 of them, but saw them for $100 online.  These are going to go on the black/white stripe wall - how rad will they look?  They'll hold my 8 year old's trophy's and other personal items he doesn't want left out for his brother.
4. Cleared out all toys and furniture from the boys room.  We will be sorting through them all and getting rid of some, then figuring out how to organize them.  Any advice?  Now we have toys in the boys room on a cube shelve, in their closet, and the family room.  What should go where?  I did buy these super cool bins for a large cube shelf unit in the room. (mine are red with white zig zags - chevron pattern is so in it's gotta be almost out!)

So, will be working on this all week.  Tonight I plan to tape up the stripes which will most likely take a couple nights.   Finally painting the stripes and TEARING OFF THE TAPE will be an amazing feeling. 

Wish me luck as I press on . . . . especially as kids have lots of practices, homework, tests and other activities all week.  Oh and I have that job thing too.

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