Monday, February 13, 2012

You can see my stripes!

Long time, no talk - that's how I roll sometimes. I like to stay mysterious, like all of you followers are like, I really wish I knew what Trish was up to . . . . a girl can dream.  Anywho - am planning a big project-o this weekend for the boys room.  My boys are 8 and 3 and share a bedroom.  This is both done out of necessity, but now that they've shared, neither of them would want it any different.  I'm sure that will last forever.  We are from The Ville and the boys are UofL fans so we're doing a University of Louisville themed room.

Gimme a C - A - R - D - S!

So, here is what they call in the biz (and that biz is interior design which I pretend to be a part of) a MOOD BOARD for their room:

* Two of the walls will have horizontal stripes of black and white.  Not only are these graphic and fun, but HORIZONTAL STRIPES (unlike their traditional brother the vertical stripe) instantly add a modern feel to any room or so says my design icon, David Bromstad (of HGTV's Color Spash).  I'm sure I'll gush about him some other time.
* Bunk beds are from Ikea, but are being sold to me from a neighbor used.  You know me, I'm so thrifty (CHEAP HAS HELL). 
* I already have (boring) black tab top drapes in there, but I want to punch them up by adding some additional fabric as trim on the sides or bottom.  Would love to add some red/white chevron.
* Using black disc chairs for seating.  My daughter has these and they are super comfy, even for adults, and can be folded and put out of the way.
* I already have two sets of UofL Cards bedding.  My older son uses it now, and the extra set that has been in storage for 2 years while I waited for my 3 year old to grow out of his baby bed.  Said 3 year old (3.5 yrs really) has NEVER tried to get out of his bed nor realizes he's fully capable to do so.  I am reluctant to give that up  . . .
* I am using some decals from Fathead to add some graphic and easy to redo Cardinal Spirit to the room.  We also have several UofL posters and signs to throw about the place.

So that's the plan, Stan.  I'm going to have to really bust it to get this done in one weekend, especially with the stripes.  But, so that this project doesn't linger forever, I am going to do my best - plus, the boys will eventually need some place to sleep.  I also need to paint a modular shelf unit, but that could be done later. 

So, wish me luck.  My goal is to provide the boys a classy team-themed room that they can grow into.  If you were me, what would you include or add?  Feel like I'm missing some elements. 

What's on your agenda this week????

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