Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's hard being brilliant

Well, no it's not really, it's pretty awesome.  Sharing a crafty project with you today. It's kind of nerdy - practical, but has solved some major problems.  Sooooooo, at my daughter's latest school conference, I heard several of her teachers indicate that her main source of problems and roadblack to big success is  . . . .  having a pencil.  Really.  She evidently never has a pencil.  Yes, I rolled my eyes too. I mean, how hard is that?  I've sent in like a go-jillian this year and every year.  Yes, she loses all of her other supplies too, but they literally all said she'd be better if she just had a pencil.  One suggested, could you get her a necklace to hold it.  Well, at our uber-conservative school where even colored hair accessories are prohibited, I was surprised but jumped on the opportunity to come up with something.  I googled for hours online for things like neck pencil holder, pencil necklaces, etc - no go.  So, decided to get my DIY on.  And here you go:

Yes, that is like a nerdy pocket protector but for your neck.  Here's how I made it:
This is an ID holder for your neck I found
at Office Depot

So that the pencils wouldn't fall out, I put a small piece of velcro on the INSIDE of the pouch:

And voila, the coolest nerdy pencil holder of all time.  I half expected my daughter to tell me she wouldn't use it, but to my surprise she was excited and tells me she uses it every day.   I've not had reports of missing pencils from teachers, so heck, maybe it will work.  What has NOT happened is rush orders from her friends who want one too.  Hmmm, still researching the mass market appeal for this product!  One more pic of the after.

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