Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Around the GLOBE

Sooooooooo, since I was newly married (eh hem, 12 + years ago - I know I don't look old enough!), I began collecting snow globes.  High end, musical, collectible snow globes you ask - heck no.   I love the plastic, cheapo (it's a word) kind.  I started getting them on trips to Gulf Shores, AL, Chicago, IL, etc. 

Well, what happens when you start a collection of affordable items is that people start buying them for you from EVERYWHERE.  Now I have over 100 snow globes from all over the world.  For years I didn't really have a place to store these gems, but my wonderful Aunt Patty (more about her some other time) gave me a vintage shelf/glass-front cabinet and I thought BINGO, that's where I'll put 'em all.  So I did.  See . . . . This is a fantastic piece with great glass doors notched for opening and great legs.  

I loved the cabinet and that I finally got to showcase my collection, but it left me a little blech because I felt like you didn't really see the globes very well.  So, I decided to add some paper to the back.  I simply used double-sided tape squares (like for scrapbooking) and applied an adorable houndstooth wrapping paper to the back of the cabinet.  This took all of 15 minutes and had such a great result.  It's an awesome transformation. 


Try this on a china cabinet or even a regular book shelf to give something a nice dose of personality and to help your what-nots stand out better.  You can use wrapping paper, scrapbook paper or even wallpaper.  LMK if you give it a try!

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