Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This print makes me thirsty . . .

So we've all seen plenty of 'Keep Calm & Carry On' posters over the past couple years. I still love them, and especially all the new takes on 'Keep Calm &  . . ."  I think my favorite one was Keep Calm & Eat Bacon for a kitchen.  Too cute!  Here is my new take on the 'Keep Calm . . ." poster and it's a perfect fit for my hometown, Louisville, KY.  We're super passionate about things - Horseracing and Bourbon!  I do love the delicious brown water and I love paying homage in this pretty pink custom poster. By the way, did you know it ain't bourbon if it ain't from Kentucky? All that inferior brown junk made elsewhere is simply whiskey. Just sayin . . . .


  1. i am TOTALLY going to be the first person to post on your blog. I didn't know you had this secret life of being a design maven. NICE! the blogosphere needs your perspective. facebook is not big enough to contain you!!!!!

  2. My cousins SO needs this poster hanging in her house, as if she ever needed a reason to drink more bourbon!