Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Went Postal

So, for a roadside yard sale turned DIY tale, this is a really long story, but this piece has some history! 

During a holiday weekend at my in-law's place near a recreational lake, my mother in law and my hubby's aunt went to some yard sales.  They live out in the sticks, and the locals take advantage of the Memorial/Labor Day Holiday traffic and there are yard sales galore.  I will say that normally it's lots of clothes and brick a brack, but you can often find some unique things. 

So, one such weekend we were on the hunt and I came across this old post office cabinet.  I saw it, loved it immediately – even though it was pepto pink and ugly.  Really ugly.  Did I buy it?  Nope - it was (GULP!) $200!!!!  I don’t normally plunk down more than $20-30 for ANYTHING at a Yard Sale, especially something that doesn’t have, well, an obvious purpose!  But, I was drawn to it.  So, I left but thought about it all night, even woke up anxious thinking about it.  The next day my mother in law and my hubby’s aunt convinced me I had to have it since I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  My husband was thrilled too when I explained it to him (INSERT SARCASM FONT).

So we trekked back to the Yard Sale the next day and I gasped with delight when it was still there.  I was convinced I could get it for $50, I mean who else wants to buy this ugly piece of  . . . ?  I was able to negotiate and get it for $100, low as the guy said he could go (see, it was his daughter's and there was a lot to the story and - yep, I think I was had).  But it was mine and I was thrilled and oh yeah, it weighed about 300 lbs!  Not joking, it’s a monster.  It was then dubbed “The Pink Monster” (see pic below) and when the hubby saw it, he thought I made yet another one of my annoying junk buys that would just take up space in the garage. 

It took a couple months before we could transport it to my house, and then it sat in my garage for several months (yes the hubby was right, shhhhh) while I contemplated what to do with my treasure.  So, one day, a neighbor stopped by and gave me a bottle of wine while I was working in the garage. I stuck it conveniently into one of the “mail slots” and VOILA, the vision for the Pink Monster came to life!  It would be a wine cabinet/bar.  It even has “divots” in each slot that keeps the bottles from rolling around.  It also has a convenient front "counter" for holding trays, cups, etc.

Rehab of this diamond in the rough was no easy feat.  I used boatloads of wood filler, lots of sanding, nail removal, masking tape removal, 3 coats of paint, one coat of poly, you get the picture – it was a ton of work, but paid off! I love it, one of my fave pieces ever.

Although I often sell my rehab treasures, not sure I can ever part with this one.  MORAL OF THE STORY - if you find a piece you just love deep down, buy it, or you'll regret it.  And, on the flipside, don't buy it unless you love it.  A house full of pieces you love and find interesting will be your haven!


  1. Love the new turquoise wine rack! You did a great job & I bet you just smile when you walk past it. Love that about projects.... :)

    1. Hey Karen - thanks for checking in on the blog and yes, you're right - she's a beauty and I love lookng at her!

  2. Hi Tricia. This is sooo pretty.

    I found you yesterday via a comment left on Adventures of... Intern's blog. I'm starting at the beginning of your blog and catching up. I can tell just by your blog roll that you and I are going to get along quite nicely: Youngsters! Mandi! Better After! MFAMB Jenny! YES. :)

    I think we'll be talking more later. :D