Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pretty darn good day (if you're a yard sale and junk nerd like me)

Pretty darn good day today.  Kids slept until 8:30.  Sat and drank coffee until 10:30 without much to do (this never happens).  Went to my 8 year old's basketball game where he almost fouled out (again).  He finished his first football season shortly before basketball season and is having a tough time figuring out how they are different.  My husband has nicknamed him "The Enforcer."  Then onto the really fun part of the day!

Fun junkin' with my neighbor - we hit an OK estate sale.  We arrived fairly late, weren't in love with anything.  Did see a very cool collection of vintage board games in prime condition. They also had some windsor chairs for $5 each that I kind of wish I purchased now, but the good news is - tomorrow everything will be half price.  If I was meant to have them, they'll still be there and for $5 for the pair!  We then hit one of my favorite shops in town, Crescent Hill Trading Company  and even got to chat with the sweet and charming owner, Kathy Schmitt.  She had the garage door open and as usual, there were a million wonderful things to adore.  We then hit a couple other great places like S. Bayly Boutique and Lotsa Pasta (duh, shopping makes you hungry).  Then an unexpected stop a new store at the Vogue shops called Paper Source.  HINT - new project coming from this trip!

I'll share my pix of today's fun trip later this weekend.

And now off to watch the SAINTS beat the Lions.  WHO DAT WHO DAT WHO DAT SAY DEY GONNA BEAT DEM SAINTS!  (PS - although I've not spoken of my affiliations thus far, I am a big Saints Fan, the hubs is from Nola.  However, my heart's #1 love is the GREEN BAY PACKERS, but I can't watch them tonight because they have a bye.  Hmmm.  Being 15-1 is tough).

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