Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday . . . and all weekend long

First of all, happy freaking Friday!  ("Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday . . .", if you don't know this reference, look up, super annoying song by super annoying teenage girl).   I'm stoked that I got through another week of work-work, so I can spend time doing my fun-work over the weekend.  Not totally sure what is in the works yet, but here are a few "loose plans":

1. Pick up my vintage Pik-Nik cooler from Crescent Hill Trading Company !  You may remembered when I adored it (almost embarrassingly) on this post.  Thanks to owner Kathy Schmitt for helping me achieve my dream of ownership!

2. Picking up some chairs I found on Craigslist.  They are Vintage school chairs, stackable, and will make an awesome industrial vintage touch around a dining table.  Buying these to sell in my booth once it's up and running.  I had to buy all 11 of them, but got a great deal - don't think I'll have any problem selling them and making a bit of moolah.  Parting with them, that's the tough part.

3. Finish my hook rack for hanging coats and backpacks.  I've been working on this for weeks.  I took down this coat hook wall:

My intial idea was that I wanted something more interesting than a standard coat rack from Home Depot or something (Hubby chuckles as I confirm his mantra that I don't ever pick anything "normal").   But, in reality, when you actually hang things on said interesting coat hook wall, you can't see them and it's not very functional.  If you're saying "Duh" then we're not friends anymore.  I don't know why I didn't think of that.  But here's how it actually looks when in use:

So, I've taken all the hooks off the wall and will be screwing them to these pretty large wood "planks" that I had cut at Home Depot, then I stained:

I spent some of my crafty time last weekend adding some paint to some of the hooks that were darker and showed well on the white wall, but not so much on these darkly-stained boards:
This was a brown/bronze color, I wiped on some silver paint.
Froggy hook was brown/bronze, rubbed on some green paint
and added some blue spots and eyes.

4. Sew (or fake sew) a small curtain to put under my bathroom vanity.  You should be super excited, because sometime soon I'm going to show pix of my super totally big time vintage PINK BATHROOM.  It looked kinda like this when we moved in, but maybe a smidge less Pepto, just a smidge:


I loathed it when we moved in, got used to it over time, and now kind of dig the charm.  There is an entire website devoted to love for pink bathrooms: Save The Pink Bathrooms Website.  I have jazzed mine up a bit with some black and white accents, better than the floral wallpaper when we moved in.  Anyhoo - I want to add a bit more fabric, texture, and pattern with a small curtain below the vanity top.  Something kind of like these, but a bit different scale:

5. Work through laundry hell.  Although Grandma was in town this week (WOOT) and my laundry is looking up.  Now I just need to put it away. 

6. Jonesing to paint something!  Weather has been super crappy, wet, cold - not ideal for painting in my garage.

So those are all the things I want to do, but the following is a list of what I have to do:
Boot Camp Saturday morning - BLECH, B-Ball game for a kiddo, Baby shower for my wonderful and long-time friend Ramona expecting her first!, hitting the Boat & RV show, play in my volleyball league, clean the house.  Hmmmmm, maybe my to do list is too long above.

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. WOW, that is a lot to accomplish in 48 hours! I am intrigued by the pink bath!

  2. Shannon we all know I won't get it all done! But a girl must dream. Will post pix of the pink bath shortly!

  3. We had a pink bath when we lived in Washington DC, and I felt the same way as you. Didn't love it at first, but grew to with some black and white toning down. A big white shower curtain helped a ton.

    Are those school chairs made by Haywood Wakefield? We have some similar looking chairs, but with turquoise legs. Great find! Same with the cooler.