Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I am an AR-TEEST

Soooooo, got my artist hat on this Sunday.  Big kids were out of the house with the Hubs for a couple hours and Max was down for a nap.  Two hours in the clear - yesssssssss.  I had some plaques that I bought at Michael's years ago for like $2.  Decided to sit down with some teal paint and go to town.  I started with the dark color across the top third, then mixed some lighter teal into the paint for the middle area, then added a bunch of white for the bottom.  I then took a dry brush and blended the areas.   Here is what I came up with.
Getting started

Finished product before it dried - I like it shiny.

Finished product dried. I think it needs a glossy coat.

And just so you know, this is what my house looks like over the weekend when I'm working on several projects.  Note the dining room table is covered in paint supplies, the chairs had the cushions taken off.  Plus, still hadn't taken all the Christmas decor downstairs.

More chaos as the kids got in the act to paint, too.  Some nice work me thinks:

But later in the evening the dining room came back together and looked like this.   Ahhhhhh, I can go to sleep now.


  1. What no furniture? It's good to change it up and channel your inner kid.

  2. The painting is very pretty! I paint a little and will have to try a simple and elegant painting like this :)