Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'd Like To Thank The Academy, and Frog Tape, and Krylon Spray Paint . . . (I've been given an AWARD!)

So, guess what, I've been given an AWARD.  It's called the Liebster award which in German stands for Beloved.  Bloggers recognize "up and comers" with this award, and hey, I was recognized - how cool is that!

I was nominated by a blog called Vintage Restyled which is a fantastic blog by Shannon Gabor.  She has a booth at an antique mall and does amazing repurposed furniture and other design items.  Her painting teqniques are outstanding, especially her high quality distressing.  I've learned so much from her!  She does a great job showing her before and after projects, and also telling you HOW to do things!  Add her to your FAVORITES. 

Click HERE to be redirected to Vintage Restyled, tell Shannon I said HEY!  Also, I'll be nominating some up and coming blogs here later this week!

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