Saturday, January 14, 2012

Paper Cut (no, keep reading, it's a good thing!)

Sooooooooooo, it's super early on a Saturday and I'm up.  Why?  Well first of all it's the only time I have to myself all week and second, because I'm going to a Boot Camp class at 8.  On a Saturday.  Yes, it is as bad as it sounds.  I'd sure like to skip but my friend Kate promised bodily harm if I miss it and leave her there alone, so I'll go.  Ugggggggghhhhhhh.  Ok, well onto other fun things.

So last weekend when I had a few hours to go Estate Saling and such with my friend Sam, I happened upon a new store in Louisville called Paper Source. It's awesome girl store kind of place with wrapping paper in single sheets from all over the world.  They have handmade papers from India, Asia, Europe, and it's amazing how much prettier that kind of thing is compared to the shiny, think junk you wrapped your Aunt Ethel's birthhday present in. 

I could have stayed forever as my mind churned on what you could do with these beauties, but before I left I cam across a fantabulous modern, colorful, graphic paper that I had to have.  It was called "Pixel" (yess, these papers are fancy enough to have names).  And although it has a fancy name, it didn't have a fancy price - this baby cost all of $4.30 with tax.  This is the paper I fell for:

Isn't she pretty!  So when I got home (immediately, duh) I found an old frame I had in my basement.  My office had recently purged a bunch of old junk and I was the recipient of a bunch of outdated inspiration posters, but the frames still have some miles on 'em.  So, framed that baby write on up and voila!

Here are a couple pix (get it!) from further away.

I'm really happy with how this turned out, and over the moon about the price.  I've put my new art piece over my prized snow globe collection.  Read more about that here.  Seriously, give this a try.  Check out a store like Paper Source that has these kinds of papers and frame 'em up.  Take with you a list of standard frame sizes which will help you frame it less expensively.  I plan to do another project like this SOON for my master bedroom redesign.  But, you'll have to wait and see (see, that was me trying to get you wanting more - did it work?).

Have a great weekend, off to Crap Camp and then I'm sure I'll do some picking, more on that later. (see, I did it again, you want more right!)

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