Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend Plans

Hola, yo estoy muy feliz porque es Viernes.  I used to say this every Friday in Spanish class, and evidently it means I'm very happy because it's Friday!  AMEN SISTA.  Been a crazy week at work, and ready for some downtime.  Although my downtime is usually really up-time, but I'm up doing things I love.  So, thought I'd fill you in on the weekend's projects!

#1 - Fix front hallway hook museum debacle
So, my front foyer is where the kids drop all their crap (as previously mentioned here).  Earlier this week I provided some relief to the mail and paper piles.  Now it's time to tackle the coats, scarves, backpacks, lunch bags, etc.  Last year I had the brilliant idea to do a art-installation-type coat hook on one of the walls in the foyer.  I mean, why be so predictable and actually use a regular old coat hook?  Here's how that turned out:

As you can see, there are lots of types of hooks, most were meant to represent something about the people in our family (ie, my daughter's tiara hook, my son's frog hook) or something important to us (ie, dog bone for our dogs, cardinal bird that reminds me of my Grandma).  And I was going to actually put frames around each to make it an art installation.  I did this in the summer.  So, no coats around.  So, this is what my wall looks like in actual practice:

Or this is how it looks from the front door:

So, as you can see it's a MESS.  So, I've got two long 10" x 1" blanks that I've stained in a dark finish.   Plan for this weekend is to take down all of these hooks and spray paint them white.  Some of them will mkae the cut, some will be replaced.   They will be drilled onto the two planks of wood and then drilled into the wall in another hallway just off the foyer.  The main reason I will be replacing a couple of the hooks is that they stick out kind of far, and afraid about people walking into them in the new placement.  So, part of me wants to get all matching hooks (Hubby chuckles as he reads this, says I don't ever pick anything "normal), but again, just like the idea of having a bit more interest.  Painting them all the same color (white most likely) will tie them together and give a bit more uniformity.  Or, I might go find a bunch of vintage hooks.  See, I've obviously not made my mind up. (WHAT SHOULD I DO - please leave a comment and let me know your opinion!)

#2 - Paint the new (actually they're really old) school chairs I bought last weekend
I don't have a photo of them, but they look like this:

Actually, the ones I bought don't look this good.  But they are really awesome chairs, super sturdy, and vintage school chairs from the 1940's (see link to patent here).  The seats are globbed in paint and legs in weird spray paint.  I bought them for only $6 each at Tickled Pink Memorabilia Mall here in Louisville, KY.  Tony and Russ run the joint are are closed all day Saturday so they can go pick.  They are just the nicest couple of guys you ever want to meet, and price things so folks like me can put some money into a piece to make it shine.   So what is my plan for the chairs?  I think I'm going to give them a black laquer finish, then do a white stripe from the top to the bottom (chair back down the seat) in white - they'll kind of look like a shiny muscle car!  If they were for my house, I'd probably pick a less conventional color (Hubby chuckles), but I plan to sell these.

So, that's the plan and I also have a painting in my head that I REALLY want to attempt.  I never have time for it all, so I'll give you the update next week.  I also am playing volleyball tonight at our church, my son has a basketball game tomorrow, we are hitting church tomorrow, then we have a great night planned - more time at our church, Trivia Night!  Trivia Night is that fun night each year when I realize I'm really not very smart, and neither are my friends - but birds of a feather . . . .


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