Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Treasure Hunt - first installment of great shops around town!

Soooooooooooo, I'm going to every-so-often feature some great shops around town on this blog.  This week I'm starting with the best  . . . . . hmmm, what do you call it, "Resale Store" in town?  It's very hard to explain Crescent Hill Trading Company, located in Louisville KY.  It has amazing antique furniture, collectibles, art, vintage kitchen and decor items, bar items and lots more.  Owner Kathy Schmitt does a fantastic job to ensure there is a great mix of items.   Things are very reasonably priced, and she always stocks fun and unique things that you just can't find in a regular antique store.  There are always plenty of humor in her items, like the box of old black & white photos you can purchase with a sign that says: "Instant Relatives."  Her vintage collection boasts a ton of items that can plucked from the shelves and put in your home for just the right touch.  It's like she's already done the picking for you!  Plus, the inventory is always changing.  She often posts new items to her CHTC Facebook Page so you can be alerted if she's got something in that you can't live with out. 

Check out a few of the items I saw on Saturday:
Enamel top table
Cool stool/stepstool (flip up seat)

Glass front cabinet with doors

Marble-top side tables

Vintage 60's swivel chair
Great doggie

Super cool glasses with gold accents,
I know my mom had these!
Vintage soakies (available in the
shop or in CHTC's Etsy shop)

So, as you can see it's a treasure chest of great, fun, and unique vintage pieces for your home.  And I'll end this post with my FAVE item I saw on Saturday, this picnic cooler.  It's Uh.Maze.Ing!  I can so see this on the buffet in my dining room during parties to hold wine, bottled beer, or just ice for drinks.  I've been obsessing about it since I saw it, that means it shall be mine - but if I know that place, it's already gone.  Wish me luck!


  1. my friend patti, from vegas, loves this place. I swear she comes to louisville just to visit it! :)